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We understand that choosing a country for higher education is always a big decision!

With years of experience and dedicated team, RIBTTES specialize to support its students in their admission process in Russian universities and visa applications. We provide friendly help to our students for settling in the social life of Russia. We support our students in cultural adaptation, understanding immigration and tax laws.Our free chat support team are always ready to answer all the queries of students coming to Russia.

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Business in Russia

Russia is among the highly grossing countries of the world. With our largest consumer market in Europe, Russia offers great prospects to foreign investors for starting new business avenues in the heart of our economic districts.

From small business to large scale business in Russia, we are providing all kind of legal and operational business solutions to foreign investors coming to Russia.

RIBTTES works to provide you consultancy from the industry professionals. We provide customized range of business services, that helps you to setup business according to the cultural and business environment of Russia. And give you full support in achieving excellence in your business strategies and operations in Russia.

Its time for Travel to Russia ........!

Russia is the top UNESCO destination for tourism in the world. With its 23 world heritage sites, Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most visited elite cities of Europe. Every year, more than 15 million international tourists travel to Russia for enjoying more than 12000 historical, modern, cultural and traditional attractions in the world’s largest and most beautiful country.

With our specially designed services platform in the mesmerizing cities of Russia, we welcome you for the most amazing experience to explore and travel to Russia!

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