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Being largest in the world, Russia is having largest number of neighboring countries in the world. It includes 14 Asian and European neighbors across its border.Russia has always been the central attention on globe. From natural resources, geographical attractions, prominent personalities, traditions to their unique habits, these people will surprise you in every way you expect.

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About Russia

Facts About Russia

Government, Economy, Currency, History, Geography, Literature, Constitution, USSR Countries, List of Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Russia.

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Russia in HD Images

View the beauty of Russia from top tourist destinations to celebrations and festivals. You will enjoy the whole Russia through our photo gallery.

Attractions of Russia

Attractions of Russia

Explore top places to visit in Russia, Seven wonders of Russia, Famous Personalities, Trans-Siberian Railways, Myths and Truths about Russia and a lot more.

top 100 cities (1)

Top 100 Cities Russia

About the largest 100 cities of Russia, Climate, Economy, History, Education, Travel and other quick facts, with beautiful views of Russian cities 

Russian Culture

Russian Culture

How Russian People live, their Society,  Cultural celebrations, Russian Festivals, Unique Style of Russian Contemporary Art, Russian food and everything.

living in Russia

Living in Russia 

About residency in Russia, affordable accommodations, cheap hotels in Russia, legal status of foreigners and everything about settling in Russia.

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