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I like to share my story, last year i got my first Russian study visa but i was deported from Russia on same day because of misunderstanding and I waste almost my one year because there is communication gap between me and university and iam unable to understand the process, because of this I waste so much time and money. In second time I decide to take consultancy service of company Ribttes because they based in Russia and they know the procedure and language very well . After coming to Ribttes, I feel free, they deal my case very smoothly and without any huddle I got my admission and visa as well as Airport clearance , Now I am here in Russia. I am greatly thankful to you Ribttes , Thank you (Muhammad Asif Hassan -Pakistan.)


Muhammad Asif Hassan, Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 16-05-2018

I am greatly thankful to Ribttes because they provided me specialized treatment and help me to get admission in one of the best state engineering university in Russia and make my dreams come true.

Ribttes assistance was really appreciable by far. Your teams have done really a great job and dealt with my case very smoothly. I never faced any problem during my whole process and now here I am in my dream city Saint Petersburg.

Thank you Ribttes. (Sayem Bin Hasan – Bangladesh)


Sayem Bin Hasan -Ribttes Student, Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 06-04-2018

I am Siddharth Verma from Bihar India, I would like to say that I did not face any sort of difficulty during the visa process everything done by Ribttes in a very professional way.

Its true that the invitation processing is taking some more time in these days, but the team guided me at every step.

They know their work very well and here I am in Saint Petersburg Russia. Ribttes made my dream true, Thank you Ribttes and I recommended Ribttes to every student who wants to come here in Russia for studies.

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Siddharth Verma - Ribttes student, Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 27-03-2018

Hi, I am Tanver Rehman and I would like to say Thank you so much to Ribttes for all the efforts, support and guidance that you have given me and all the time you spent, it paid off well. I got my visa and reached Moscow on time you saved my year because I already know that I was late to approach your company but you guys work very hard and I got my admission at the eleventh hour, not only that Ribttes team process my visa and arranged ever things in very short time. Once again thank you so much, because of you I am here in Moscow, and will study Medical Science.

Tanver Rahman- RIBTTES Student, Arrived in Moscow on 19-12-2017