The City of Vladimir Russia

City of Vladimir Russia. A UNESCO world's heritage site! 

City of Vladimir is the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast. It is located on Kiyazma River, in the eastern side of Moscow. Total population of the city is 345,373. It is the 51st largest city of Russia in terms of population. Total area of the city is 124.59 km2.

This city is nearly 117 miles distant from  Moscow city.

This city is famous as it is the birthplace of many famous Russian leaders.

History of Vladimir 

City was founded in 990. Archaeologists believe that people started to live in this region around 250,000 years ago. City faced golden era of construction and development in 12th century.

Vladimir city. Ancient city of Golden Ring of Russia

Vladimir city. Ancient city of Golden Ring of Russia

Climate of the city

The city witness hot summers and cold winters. Temperature of the city goes to around 37 ◦C in summers.  This reaches to the lowest of -43 ◦C in winters.

Educational Institutes of Vladimir 

Vladimir State University, Judicial Institute of the Ministry of Justice and The American Home English & Russian Language School are the most famous universities of the city.

Economy of Vladimir 

The city is highly developed in terms of local industries. Many food processing plants, power generation plants and chemical industries are present in the city.

Being a UNESCO world heritage site, it generates a good amount of revenue from the tourism side.

Places to Visit in Vladimir 

This city is a part of famous Golden Ring Tours of Russia. Being close to the Moscow, this city is one of the oldest and cultural tourist attraction of Russia.

White Monument and Suzdal, Assumption Cathedral, Golden Gate Military Monument, Trinity Red Church,  and  Suzdal Museum Reserve are some of the famous places to visit in the city.

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The view of Dormition Cathedral Vladimir

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