City of Omsk, Russia

by Jason

Facts about Omsk, An Industrial City of Russia

Omsk is the 7th largest city of Russia with developed industries , modern infrastructure and lot of cultural and historical attractions. The city serves as an important stop over on Trans Siberian railway lines and connection to far eastern regions of Russia.

These are the important things you want to read about city! A main supporting pillar of Russian economy and attractive place for tourism.

Important Facts about Omsk

About the City

    • It is the administrative center of the Omsk Oblast.
    • The city has an area of nearly 573 km2.
    • The total population is 1,154,116.
    • The city has classical climate.
    • Winters are severe with an average temperature of -30 degrees and summers are hot with an average temperature of 28 degrees.
    • This city has the lowest birth rate in Russia.
    • It is a main stop over on Trans Siberian Railway line.

History of Omsk

    • The history of this city started from 1584.
    • Neolithic societies living in these places use to do fishing and hunting.
    • Pastoralism began to take hold around three thousand years back.
    • The first fortress was constructed in 1716 on the Om River.
    • The Siberian Cossack army established their first headquarter here in 1804.

Geography of Omsk

    • The city lies near the junction of  Irtysh and Om River.
    • It is the part of the West Siberian plane.

Tourism in Omsk

Famous places to visit in the city are

    • Lenin Street
    • Assumption Cathedral
    • Military Museum
    • Altai Mountains
    • National Park
    • Regional Drama Theater

Education in Omsk

    • Omsk Academy of Law, Aviation Technical School, The Omsk Law institute and Medical Academy  are the famous educational institutions of the city.

Economy of Omsk

    • The city is the 23rd largest economy in Russia, with its gross regional product touches to 10.2 billion.
    • It is a heavy industrial city with developed financial sector.
    • Agricultural sector also supports the city’s economy.
    • The city accommodates more than sixty thousand private enterprises, operating from small scale to billions of dollars.
    • Major industries of the city are tobacco processing, hydrocarbon processing, chemical manufacturing. aircraft manufacturing, thermal power generation and plastic manufacturing.

With fast economic growth, the city of Omsk is becoming one of the hot favorite places to invest and live in Russia. Contacts us here to learn more about visiting and settling in Russia !