by Jason

Facts about the City of Novosibirsk. 3rd Largest City and Investment Center of Russia

Novosibirsk, the third largest city of Russia. The city is famous for its scientific researches and developments in whole country.

Being one of the largest Siberian cities, it holds the position of major industrial and cultural center of Siberia. Its economic growth has embarked new avenues for the Russian’s positive image in the world.

Here is the collection of important information and facts about Novosibirsk.

Important Facts about Novosibirsk[star_list]

    • It is the administrative center of the Novosibirsk Oblast.
    • Also serves as the administrative center of the Novosibirsky District and Siberian Federal District.
    • The population of the city is 1,567,087 (According to Population of municipal districts and the urban districts of Novosibirsk region
      January 1, 2015 and on average in 2014)
    • It is the most populous city in the Asian Russia.
    • Because of its rapid growth and industrialization, the city is also known as ‘Chicago of Siberia and Capital of Siberia.
    • The city has humid continental climate.
    • Winters are severely cold and temperature falls to -20 degrees.
    • Summers are warmer with the average temperature of 15 degrees.[/star_list]

      History of Novosibirsk[star_list]

        • The city was founded in 1893.
        • This was the site for the presently built Trans Siberian Railway Bridge.
        • The bridge was completed in 1897 for regional transport hub.
        • Turkish Siberia Railway was completed in early 20th century.
        • The railway was used for transportation to Central Asia and Caspian Sea.
        • First ‘Hydroelectric power plant’ was constructed in 1950’s.
        • The work on Novosibirsk Metro Transit System began in 1979.[/star_list]

          Geography of Novosibirsk

            • This city is located on the Southwestern part of Siberia. Near to Ob River.
            • The city occupies the area of 502.7 square kilometers.
            • Priobskoye Plateau lies to the south of this city.

          Economy of Novosibirsk

            • It is an industrial center with 214 total industries operating in the city.
            • The main industries are: airspace, nuclear and hydro-electric power generators, metal works, electronic devices.
            • It is the 3rd most attractive city of Russia for business and investments.

              Education in Novosibirsk

                • The city is the main center of High quality educational system in Russia after Moscow and St.Petersburg.
                • Novosibirsk State University is ranked 352nd largest university of the world.
                • Other major educational institutes are State Agricultural University, State Medical University and State Pedagogical University.

                  Places to Visit in Novosibirsk

                  These are the famous city attractions that perfectly depict the history, culture, art and traditions of the city!

                    • Novosibirsk Globus Theater
                    • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
                    • State Art Museum
                    • Museum of Local Lore
                    • Museum of Cossacks Glory
                    • Museum of Railway Equipment
                    • Nicholas Roerich Museum
                    • Historical and Architectural Museum.