The City of Moscow

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Want to know about the real facts about The city of  Moscow? It is the biggest city of Russia by population…

The present Moscow displays the image of highly organized and well-planned city. Moscow is the most populated city of Russia with 11.5 million. Being most populated, It greatly influences Russia economy, politics  and culture.

Important facts about The city

There are some of the most important facts about city of  Moscow, that you need to know on your visit to Russia.

History of Moscow

    • The City became the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal principality in 1327, and then became a principality itself, “Grand Duchy of Moscow”.
    • It became the capital of Soviet Union in 1918 after Russian Revolution of 1917.
    • The city is surrounded by an ancient wall, Moscow wall,  which dates back to 1156.
    • The City hit highest death toll value in 1771. This was due to the plaque.
    • It authorities burnt the city in 1812, known as Fire of Moscow. They wanted to keep it save from Napoleon.

Geographical Importance of city of  Moscow

    • It is not only the capital but also the biggest city of Russia.
    • It has geographical area of 417.4 square miles (9,771 sq. km).
    • It is located in Russia’s Central Federal District, situated beside Moskva River.

Moscow Administration

    • This City administration is governed under the authority of one Mayor. It is further sub-divided inn to ten main administrative districts known as “Okrugs” and in local 123 districts.
    • The Okrugs have the significance that the historically reputed ‘Kremlin and Red Square’ are located in center.

About the City

    • It is one of the most populated cities of world. Nearly 12 million people are living there.
    • The city enjoys all the four seasons, facing hottest of summers in June, July and August and the coldest of winters in January.
    • This City standard time (MST) is 3 hours ahead of GMT and 4 hours in day light saving period.
    • Fossil fuel is the main earning source for local people in this City.

Night Time View of Moskva River and Bridges

Moscow City Structures

    • This city has 49 bridges for crossing the Moskva River.
    • This city has several inland ports. Half are civil and rest are military bases.
    • Inspired from the imperial history of Russian, City Metro stations are designed in classic style. These stations look like royal palace galleries.
    • This City Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) is one of the largest highways in Russia.
    • This road system encircles the complete  city and connects it with other main industrial regions of Russia.

City of Moscow, the Investment Center of Russia

    • This City is the financial center of Russian Federation, the 8th largest economy of the world.
    • This City is one of the top business centers of the world. Having highest shares in petroleum industry of the world.
    • Majority of the world billionaires are residing in this city.  This number is even greater than the billionaires of New York.
    • Metallurgy, Machinery, Chemicals processing, Weapons manufacturing, software industry etc., are the main investment attractions in Russia.
    • Software industry is one of the fastest growing avenue in business sector, worth’s more than $3.4 trillion ( International Data Corporation 2013)

Education in the City

    • The City   is the home of 60 top class Russian state universities and more than 200 higher education institutes.
    • Moscow State University is the top university in Russia. It stands at 108th position (QS 2015) in international ranking.
    • More than 50% of people living here are having high professional degrees.

Tourism in Moscow

    • The City  is not only the modern-est city of the Russia. Having so many tourist attractions of Russia,  this City is included in heritage sites of UNESCO as well.
    • ‘Saint Basils Cathedral’ serves as an icon for Moscow in the world. The building is one of its own kinds in its architecture. The brightly colored domes give a unique view. This place is must visiting spot while exploring Moscow.
    • The rich heritage of the city has the treasure of ‘Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Moscow State Historical Museum’ and not to forget ‘Red square’.
    • Nightlife of Moscow is famous for modern bars and clubs like City Space Bar, Posh Friends, Pacha, Premier Lounge and musical nights of Bolshoi Theater.
    • Marriott Royal, Ritz Carlton, Metropol and Golden Apple hotel are some of the best hotels to stay in Moscow.

Tourist Attractions in  Moscow

The Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow City


There are so many other amazing attractions and countless interesting facts about this city, that will surely grab your attention. To study in more details about tourism in Moscow,  click here.

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