The City of Samara

by Jason

Read all the about the Old city of Samara. The Aviation Center of Russia.

Samara, the old and industrial city of Volga river! Today, it’s the 6th largest city of Russia specially known for its research and manufacturing industry of aerospace industry. Here is all the important information about this wonderful city to visit in Russia!

Important Facts about Samara

    • The city has total population of 1,164,685.
    • The city is ranked as 6th most populated city.
    • The city experiences continental climate. Having hot summers and cold winters.
    • Summers have an average temperature of 15 degrees and winters are colder with an average temperature of -13 degrees.

History of Samara

    • The city was officially founded in 1586.
    • Kuybyshev was the old name of this city.
    • The famous Volga port was established in 14th century.
    • The first custom office was established in 1600.
    • The city turned into Uzeyd Town in 1780.
    • The city faced great economic growth due to flour and wheat mills in 19th century.
    • The city was seized by Bolsheviks in 1917, faced great hunger in 1921.
    • The city faced great economic crisis in 1998.

Geography of Samara

    • The city is situated on the Southeastern part of European Russia on the center of Volga Rivers.
    • The Northern Boundary of the city lies with Skoloyi Hills.
    • The total area of the city is 541.382km2.

Administration of Samara

    • It is the administrative center of  Samara Oblast.
    • The city also serves as the administrative center of the Volzhskiy District
    • The city has two rural localities due to its strategical importance of being the administrative center.

Economy of Samara

    • Samara is among the top 10 leaders of  industrial productions in Russia.
    • Mechanical Bearings and Cables are the largest productions of this city.
    • The city is specially known for making Aerospace launch vehicles and Space shuttles.
    • Light industry, brewing, chocolates making and food processing are also the economic constituents of the city.

Educational Institutions of Samara

    • Samara State University, Nayanova University, Samara State Aerospace University and Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies are the main educational Institutions here.

Tourist’s Places in Samara

    • Winters bring the amazing attractions of frozen rivers and waterways to attract thousands of people for skating and ice sports.
    • Summers are pleasant to enjoy Volga river cruise trips.
    • Samara Space Museum , State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Singing Fountains, The Temple of George the Victorious are the famous tourist sites of the city.
    • The unique taste of Zhiguli Beer and Rodnik Vodka are the must things to enjoy in Samara!