The City of Saratov

by Jason

The City of Saratov is an important Volga Port of Russia

Saratov is the administrative center of Saratov Oblast. It is a port city of Russia . It is located near the Volga River. The city has the total population of about 837,900 people. Total area of city is  384 km2

It is nearly 451 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

Evidences of the city foundation are present since 16th century. It was founded by Czarist Stronghold.

Climate of Saratov

Summers become hot in this area and the average temperature reaches to nearly 20◦C to 30◦C in June and July. Winters are so cold in this city and temperature even falls to -28◦C.

Educational Institutes in City

Saratov State University and  State Socio-Economic University are two main a universities of this city. With many of the scientific and industrial research and development centers.

Economy of Saratov

This city is one of the ideal industrial sectors of Russia. This area is enriched  with natural resources. Also having the Volgo port , makes it one of the best place for trading and investment in Russia.

The economy of the city highly based on its manufacturing industries.

Places to Visit

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kryty Market and The Radischev Art Museum are among favorite tourist spots to visit in this city.