The City of Tambov

by Jason

Tambov is a famous honey producing city of Russia

The city  is the administrative city of Tambov Oblast. The city lies at the meeting junction of Tsna and Studenets Rivers. City has a population of nearly 280,161 people. It is ranked at 65th place in 2010 by population figures. The city has an area of 90.89 km2

This city is nearly 260 miles distant from  Moscow city.The city is known because of wolves and the honey production.

History of Tambov

Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich founded this city in 1636. City was used as the frontier border against the attacks by Crimean Tatars . But it quickly lost its military importance and turn into the region’s trade and administrative center, The history of the city is very interesting as well as this city has great culture and people of the city are very friendly.

Climate of Tambov

The city has a humid climate. The average temperature in winters goes to nearly -8°C. Summer are rainy here with the temperature of nearly 20 ° C. , rainfall occurs in  up to 650mm.

Educational Institutes of Tambov

The important universities are Tambov State University and Tambov State Technical University.  Military colleges,  cultural institutions and musical school are also famous in the city.

Economy of Tambov

This city is also known as Russian  industrial city and play very major and vital role  in the economy of Russia. Overall, the Tambov Oblast contributes more than 20 % towards national GDP of Russia. Material building, Heavy machinery, Chemicals, Textile and Food processing are the major one.

Places to Visit in Tambov

There are  lots of historical and wonderful places and worth watch to see such as Museum of Local Lore, State Drama Theater and Puppet Theater, G.V.Chicherin House-Museum and Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral are the famous places to visit here.