The City of Ulyanovsk, Russia

by Jason

The Ulyanovsk city is the 20th largest city of Russian Federation 

The city is the administrative center of Ulyanovsk Oblast. The city has the population of nearly 613,786 people ( Data of 2010 ). It is a city of much ethnic diversities. Home of Russians, Tatars, Chuvash and Mordvins.

This city is famous as the birthplace of Lenin. Other popular leaders born in this great city include Alexander Kerensky and Alexander Protopov.

The city is 550 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

History of Ulyanovsk city

The city was originally established in 1648 on the bank of Volga River. In 1864, the city suffered great damage following an incident of fire but was quickly rebuilt. The old name of this city was Simbrisk.

Climate of Ulyanovsk city

The city has a humid climate. this city has a typical  Russian climate,  Winters become very cold . The lowest recorded temperature is -39 degrees in winters. However the temperature reaches to 40 degrees in peak summer.

Educational Institutes in Ulyanovsk city

There are a number of known medical and technical college present in the city. The main universities in the city include Ulyanovsk State University, State Pedagogical University and  State Technical University.

Economy of Ulyanovsk city

The city’s economy is based on its automobile industry, Aircraft Companies, light industry and food processing industry.Tourism is also an important source of revenue for this city and this city role is very important in  in Russian economy this city can’t be ignored.

Places to Visit in City Ulyanovsk

There are countless historical and interesting places, people from all over the world come to see these they simply love to see these wonderful places in  amazing city,  Memorial Museum of Lenin’s Homeland, Regional Drama Theater, Cinema Theater and Puppet Shows are famous among tourists here.