The City of Voronezh

by Jason

Voronezh is the world’s fifth largest operations center of Nokia Siemens in Russia

City is the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast. It is expanded over the total area of the city is 601 Kilometers square. Its population  is nearly 1,014,610 people (latest records of 2014 analysis). It is the 15th largest city of Russia by population.

It is nearly 290 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

History of Voronezh

This has great and amazing history, also has a wonderful Culture with kind heart people,  city started to develop in 1585. The city is located along the river called Vooronezh. And got its name from the same river .

Climate of Voronezh

The city faces moderate climate on the other cities of Russia. In winters, temperature reaches to -12◦C . Maximum temperature reaches to 25◦C to 28◦C in the month of June and July of summers here .

Educational Institutes of Voronezh

The city has lot of educational institutes and universities and It is not only the educational center of the Oblast, but also famous in whole country. Its top class state institutes of Agriculture, Engineering, Medical Science, Forestry, Art and Aviation are known in the country.

Economy of Voronezh

This city is famous for its economic, scientific and cultural development. It has so many prospective business opportunities.  With the establishment of an industrial park ” Maslowski” , the region has attracted many  investment opportunities from this platform The economy of the city is growing day by day and Play very vital role  for increasing Russian economy  .

Also the business and employment opportunities were boosted a lot after the opening of world’s fifth largest operations center of Nokia Siemen in 2011.

Places to Visit in Voronezh

City has so many amazing and historic places for visit and Tourist from all over the world come here to see these amazing places such as Annunciation Cathedral, Prospekt,  Chamber Theater, State Opera and Ballet Theater are the famous  and most visited tourists spots here.