Cost of Student life in Russia

Cost of Student Life in Russia. Prices in Russia Updated for 2018!

Whether you are coming for enjoying FIFA 2018 or for study Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most favorite destination to explore. Monthly cost of life in Russia as compared to US, London, UK and other countries is very cheap.

All people think about this question that How much do you need for life in Russia ? Well saving money is very important for our students and when it comes to Russia, prices in Russia are about USD 200 to USD 250 to live here as students in modest environment

Students in Russia get the elite class education in just USD 3000 to 5000 per year in best State universities (Check Fees of Russian State Universities for 2018 Whereas the daily life prices in Moscow and daily life prices in Saint Petersburg is only around USD 200 .

Price of Daily life Items in Russia 2018

Plan your plan budget as per these latest prices in Russia. This price is last updated on 15th  March, 2018 for average price estimates.

  • Average Tuition Fee US $1500- $3500
  • Accommodation per month US $100  to US $ 300 as per your living style
  • Pack of a Cigarette in Moscow or Saint Petersburg is about US$ 1  to  $ 3 
  •  Internet pacakge per month US $ 10 to US $ 15
  • Daily Menu US $ 3 to US $12
  • Utilities per month ( Studio Apartment) US $150
  • Moscow Metro 1 month smart card US $ 65
  • Used Cars ( 1300 cc )  about 5 to 10 years old model is from US $ 3000 to $ 7000
  • New Cars  ( 1300 cc) from about US $ 8000 to $ 20000 ( More you can check car deals in Russia here )
  • Car fuel/ litre  US $ 0.5
  • Movie Ticket about US $ 3 t0 $ 10
  • Hermitage Ticket about US $ 10 
  • Fruits per kg  US$ 1 to $2 
  • Mcdonalds Meal in Moscow or Saint Petersburg is about US $ 1 to  $5
  • Milk per litre  less than US $ 1
  • Dozen Eggs  about US $ 1.2
  • Water Bottle  ( 1.5 litres )  about US$ 0.5
  • Rice per Kg  US$ 1
  • Gym fee per month  US $ 25 to $ 34
  • Bottle of Wine / Beer US $ 8 to $ 20 or even more
  • Pair of Jeans ( Denim of Levis  )  US $ 80 to $ 100

Prices for Student Accommodations in Russia

The shared hostel accommodations in state universities hostels starts from only US 50 to 80 per month. Usually 3 to 6 students share the dormitory rooms.

Accomodation in Moscow, Student life in Russia

Accommodation in Moscow

In case you are more privacy concerned and willing to spend well for the living standards, then private home stay is the best option.  A normal shared room rent in Moscow and Saint petersburg is about USD 100  to 150 per month.

The prices in the elite and expensive areas start from $1000 (per month) and goes quite high for the furnished ones.

The shared rooms and apartments are well suited when you are with the pack of  friends or known communities. You can make good arrangements in about $500 to $800 for shared accommodations in the suburbs of main cities.

Cost of Getting Around in Russia

Spending your student life in Russia is a wonderful opportunity for getting around in Russia. Annual charges for traveling card of Metro usually cost $400 to $500.

Enjoy the marvelous tourist spots in Russia at about $ 2 a day with metros!

Saving some Money for Emergencies

Other than your running expenses, the foreign students should make some safe deposits  for emergencies.

Although health insurance is a must need to study in Russia and RIBTTES provides free health insurance for students in Russia but you should be having at least $500 saved with you for serious illnesses, emergencies or to travel back to your country.

To fully enjoy your student life in Russia, you should have a fair knowledge of what you are going to face in the foreign country and at what cost!

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  1. Jaspreet singh toor
    Have there cheap rate accomdation living way simple... Because I am from India... I have no more money... My monthly rent of animation and food and internet... Total how much money.. Living very simple way...
    • Natalia
      Keeping the life very simple - you can generally keep the average cost estimate of 200 USD per month - the hostel fees is around 3000 RUB to 1000 RUB per month. Regards Team RIBTTES
  2. Want to apply for mbbs program Shoaib from Pakistan Kindly tell me about the universities Fee structure And Admission process Thank you
    • Natalia
      Dear Shoaib ,Please fill this application Form representative will reply you with full details
  3. I am from India. I want to know every detail about "English taught" MBBS program in Russia.
    • Natalia
      Thanks Kumar, for reading the article , we have sent you complete details of MBBS in Russia - student package 2018 on your email - We would be glad to process for the application , Best Regards!
  4. I am form pakistan .first i want to learn a yaer rusian language then study start tell me kindly how can i apply .
    • Natalia
      Dear Student abbas, Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through emailthere are many young fellows from Pakistan , India and Bangladesh who are coming to Saint Petersburg,You can see our recent students from your country here : have admissions open in the city of Saint Petersburg, we will be happy to guide you further.Thank you,
  5. I'm from India I'm so interested to learn Russian language so please tell me about 1 year course fee( including accommodation) the process of documents, can I do job along with my course or not so please explain me whole details about. thank you.
    • Natalia
      Sorry for the late reply, Subash Chand , our office was closed for the new year holidays from 29th Dec 2017 to 8th Jan 2018. The Russian Language course Tuition fee starts from USD 2000 to USD 3500 . Accomodation is from 100 to 150 US$ per month . . Please send us your student application for further assessment here – CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will check all your details and guide you further for the full student package via email . thanks
      • I m frm india....i have done my graduation in btech...i want to do masters in russia?? Is it good idea?? Is it needed russian language or english enough?
        • Alena Lavrova
          Dear Ruffag, Russia is a better option for pursuing a master than anywhere outside of the US, Australia, Canada , UK and Norway due to Cheaper tuition fees and a more affordable cost of living. Also, Russian universities are clambering up the rankings and offering courses in English. Students all over the globe come to Russia to study at its universities. For international students, there are many university programs that are offered in English for you. Please send us your student application for further assessment here – CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS: Admissions are open for 2018 Class. Our team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email. Thanks
  6. I m from indian planing for my masters in russia is it gud idea? I had some quiries could u please respomd
    • Alena Lavrova
      Dear Ruffag, As I wrote you earlier that why study in Russia in a good option. Please write us your all the queries at our email [email protected] We will reply you soon. Thanks
  7. chetas deshmukh
    Indian Vegetables available in russia and their cost?
    • Natalia
      Hello Chetas,Yes all vegetables available in Russian super markets. Potatoes price starting from 6 rubble to 25 rubble, onions 5 to 10 rubble per kg, tomato's 90 to 200 rubble per kg, cucumber 80 to 100 rubble per kg, Beet 6 to 10 rubble per kg, carrot 10 to 30 rubble per kg, broccoli 80 to 100 rubble per kg.
  8. Your comment*Hii. .friend my name is Ramesh from India I have plan to study in Russia..we have 4 people also wnt to study Russian language course in one year..u know Christian humanitarian college in st.petersburg..i wnt yr help. u know something about this above college..we wnt good college..good rate..good place plss share ur knowledge tank u
    • Natalia
      Dear Ramesh ,We will be very happy to guide you and process your application for Russia. Please email us your documents at [email protected]

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