Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Russia

What Should be the Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Russia

To enjoy an embarrassment free visit to Russia, it’s really important to know some dos and don’ts when visiting Russia. Russian society is deeply rooted with their traditions. You will also see lot of appealing habits of these people. Since they are themselves very cultured, so they generally see the habits of people coming from different countries. Sometimes even get offended by their careless behaviors.

So, you should also know well about Russian people like their table manners, understanding Russian gestures, their customs and tradition to meet and greet. This will let you avoid unpleasant stuff in Russia.

Our quick tips of  Dos and Don’t’s when visiting Russia.

We have collected some most common things for you, as Do’s and Don’t’s when visiting Russia. These practices will make your relationship stronger with your Russian hosts. Let us start with Do’s!

What to do when you visit Russia

Check for Russian closed days

Plan your trip to Russia with keeping an eye on scheduled Russian holidays because some holidays may bring parades, concerts or other fun activities, but sometimes you may find historical places, museums and churches closed or having short visitors’ hours.

Bring gifts for your Russian hosts

If you are invited at a place of a Russian host then please do bring some gift for them. Flower, cakes, wine anything but going empty handed is not liked.

It is also a good idea to present flowers, but in odd numbers because even numbers are reserved for funeral.

Put some extra food in plate

If you are eating with Russian families then at the end do put down some food in your plate to show that you have eaten ample food and now you are full.

Making wine sip in between the food is also considered good in Russian traditions.

Follow Russian brands in Russia

Always try to present Russian branded gifts to your hosts unless you have something really very special of some other country.

Wear black in night club!

Planning to see the nightlife in Russia ? Dressed up in Russian styles as Russian are very formal in their dressing behaviors .

The dress code is black for men while for women it is short skirts with high heels. This will get you hitched with Russian quite easily.

Tip the waiters

If your having you meal in hotels then always put something on your table as a tip for Russian waiters. They are expecting this from you.

Formal greeting for everyone

Greet your Russian friend with shaking hands in formal meetings and if you are meeting informally then being a man tap and embrace your male friend.Female friends kiss each other to greet.

Now come to the don’ts of Russia that you need to take care of during your trip to Russia.

What not to do when you visit Russia

Do not put your money in back pockets

Russia has a problem of pick pockets, you can lose your stuff any time in busy and crowded streets. So do not put your money and other valuable things in the back pocket of your pant or bag.

Do not eat without seeking permissions

If you are, having food with your Russian friend then does not start food unless you are asked to do so.

No elbows on dining table

If you are habitual to put your elbows on dining table or in your lap, then avoid it doing in Russia because it perceives as rude in  Russia.


No empty bottles on table

Empty bottles are considered as bad omen in Russia. So do not put empty wine bottles on the table. It brings bad luck for Russia. Always put them on the floor.

No yellow flowers in Russia

Yellow color is commonly taken as a symbol of friendship but for Russians yellow flowers are a symbol of separation between two people. So never try yellow flowers on Russians.

No gifts for baby showers

Giving gifts on baby showers is a must thing in rest of the world but Russians do not welcome a gift for the baby before it is born.

No hand shakes at door

Do not greet or handshakes at the door in Russia. It is not pleasant. Go into a room for the greetings.

No similes and hands in pockets

Do not smile on strangers in Russia as its taken as a sign of hypocrisy there. Pointing with finger is also not a good gesture In Russia and if you are a habit of standing with keeping your hands in the pocket then tries to avoid it in Russia.

Follow our tips for dos and don’ts for visiting Russia and we really wish you to have a pleasant time on your trip to Russia!