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Bachelors in Physical education, Sports Management and Sports Training

2017-05-28 19:59 - 2017-07-31 19:59
  • Mode of Studies Full Time
  • University Status State Universities
  • Tuition Fees per year Estimated from 150 000 RUB per year
  • Duration 4 years

Bachelor in physical  and sports program participants will obtain modern ways and techniques of physical education, Sports Management and Sports Training in Russian Universities. The program will cover  physical condition assessment to diagnose health level of individuals they train. As well as this program also acquire in the areas of fitness, health and diet. If you are interested  in field like sport coaching, sport growth and development, and fundamentals of sport discipline then this program is for you.

In addition in this program student will study to differentiate between main and negligible aspects affecting on health level and also learn the procedure of wellness training in famous sports.

The scope of professional work of the bachelor of physical education are

- physical education and sports, including children's and youth sports,

- mass sports · Sports,

- Professional sports,

- motor recreation and rehabilitation,

- activities to improve the health of the population by means of physical culture and sports.

Eligibility to Apply: 12 years of Education or Intermediate and Skype interview

Language Required: To take university Preparatory course Must understand Russian language