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23rd Feburary is the National Holiday in Russia for the observance of Defenders of the Fatherland day

We will be back on Monday!

Bachelor’s in sociology and social informatics

Bachelor's in sociology and social informatics is the first in Russia,  to train sociologists of the new digital generation, this program prepares specialists with the skills they need for gathering and processing data using the most up-to-date technology and methodology. The program includes not only general and specific sociological and humanities topics, but also mathematics…
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Master’s in Comparative Politics of Eurasia

Master's in comparative politics of eurasia program responds to the growing strategic importance of the wider Eurasian region. The program curriculum is built around core conceptual training in comparative political science and comprehensive empirical training in contemporary methods of social science research. The program location in     St. Petersburg, with its extraordinary cultural and historical…
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Master’s in Applied and Interdisciplinary History

Master's in applied and interdisciplinary history embraces methods and practices dealing with the identification, preservation, interpretation, and presentation of historical artifacts, texts, structures, and landscapes. This program focuses on new historical approaches and methodologies, enabling students to develop strong research skills. Graduates are prepared for careers in the public sphere or in academia.  The program…
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Master’s in finance

Master's in finance program at HSE St. Petersburg’s School of Economics and Management prepares highly qualified and competitive specialists for careers in the financial sector. This program is certified by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in the field of Financial Management. Students receive training that is in accordance with international standards recognized by…
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Bachelor’s in political science and world politics

Bachelor's in political science and world politics program trains students with specific skills that are necessary for careers in politics and international relations. Bridging political science, public policy, international relations, and project management, the program includes the following key topics: contemporary political systems and global economy; how to develop relations between governments, international organizations, global…
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Bachelor’s in international business and management

Bachelor's in international business and management program prepares students to make reasonable and confident decisions in various spheres of international business. The unique design of the program enables a combination of the two most relevant foci: International Business and Business Analytics. Apart of these foci the program provides a very strong fundamental core in business…
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