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23rd Feburary is the National Holiday in Russia for the observance of Defenders of the Fatherland day

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Engineering in Information and Communication Technologies and Systems

Engineering degree is offered in the modern Information and Communication Technologies.  The program covers comprehensive professional teachings on networking,  satellites, cellular phones, communication technologies and their applications. World class faculty, modernized laboratories and industrial and military applications. Russia is always among the world leaders when it comes to Information Technology, Russian universities are well known Universities specially…
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Engineering in Radio Technology

The program is a comprehensive studies for Engineering in radio communication technologies. The graduates will be trained for the technical equipment, broadcasting, system maintenance and operations, in world class teaching environments, working under the renowned faculty members of state institutes. World class faculty, modernized laboratories and industrial and military applications. Language requirements for admission  : Russian…
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Masters in Information Security

Masters in Informational Technology is specially planed by the experts from renowned  EU IT centers and universities. This program the below given specialization subjects in the field of Networks and Information Security. The degree program covers comprehensive studies in the field of wireless technologies and secured information networks and digital security for software and hardware platforms.…
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Masters in Electronics Business

Masters in Electronics Business prepares graduates, able to perform following tasks: To analyze and model the modern enterprise architecture To simulate and improve business processes To create e-business enterprises To implement management and marketing activities for organizations To design business services To innovate and improve project communications areas Academic Eligibility: Bachelors degree in related subjects to apply.…
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Masters in IT: Internet of Things and Self Organizing Networks

Masters in IT English medium. Internet of Things and Self-Organizing Networks is a internationally offered masters program, to train the students for modern communication networking techniques. Students will become familiar with the principles of research and development of the Internet of Things and self-organizing networks, architecture of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Low-power Wide-area Networks and Flying…
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