Facts About Russia

Read the most Amazing and Interesting Facts about Russia

Russia has always been the central attention on globe. From natural resources, geographical attractions, prominent personalities, traditions to their unique habits, these people will surprise you in every way you expect.

Here are some of the coolest facts about Russia, that you would not have studied before!

Quick facts about Russia

    • Being largest in the world, Russia is having highest number of neighboring countries in the world. This includes 14 Asian and European neighbors across its border.
    • Russian land is nurtured by 12 seas of the world.
    • Trans-Siberian railway lines of Russia are the longest railways line of the world. This starts from Moscow and goes to Vladivostok, covering many cities and federal subjects of Russia on a 5772 miles railway line.

Trans-Siberian Railways

Rail track and Freight trains in Russia

    • Because of huge geographical expansion, Russian clocks strikes to nine different time zones of the world.
    • Russia the largest store keeper of modern weapons in world.
    • Ural Mountains in Russia are the oldest mountain range of the world.
    • The highest lava omitting mount of the earth, Volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka also in Russia.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka


Moscow, the capital city of Russia!

    • Moscow is the Capital of Russia.
    • Competing with New York, London and Hong Kong, Moscow tops the Forbes list with highest number of world billionaires living there.
    • Moscow Metro links 12 main cities of Russia at 194 stations. It is the best metro system of the world.

Explore this wonderful city here.

Modern skyscrapers at night. Moscow City. Russia.

St. Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia!

    • Saint Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia.
    • The city is world famous destination for tourism.
    • Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is among the largest museums in the world. The museum has huge collection of three million noble objects.

Click here to explore this beautiful city in detail.


Natural Resources in Russia

    • Russia is the largest fresh water container of world. Lake Baikalin Irkutsk is the deepest lake of fresh water in the world with an average depth of around 744 meters.


    • Russia has the largest natural gas reservoir and second largest petroleum producer in world.
    • Also, having resources of many other metals of industrial importance like, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Gold etc
    • Ural mountains is the home of nearly 200 minerals and precious jewels. Including Russian Diamonds, Jasper, Platinum, Quartz, Malachite , Emeralds and lot more.
    • Baltic sea is famous for its largest deposit of amber in world.


Russia, Foreign Investment and Business center of  the world!

    • Russia is now the third largest center of foreign investments in the wold. Having the record worth of 94 billion USD (2013).
    • Close boundaries with strong world economies like Japan, China, Korea, offer hundreds of opportunities to invest in Russia.
    • Russian industrial sector is rapidly growing. Having many of 140 million consumers in software , automobile , retails and services sector of the world !

Educational Facts about Russia


Science and Technology Facts about Russia

    • Many great scientists of history were Russians. Like Mikhail Kalashnikov (designed many war arsenals), Nikolai Basov (worked on laser technology), Ivan Pavlov (researched on medicine sciences).
    • With their high intellect level,  27 Russian have become noble laureates, till today.
    • Russian at among the technology leaders of world. You must have heard about Kaspersky! Kaspersky Antivirus Lab has Russian origin.

Tourism Facts about Russia

    • Russian cities are very popular among travelers, because of its huge traditional attractions, cultural heritage and natural resorts.
    • Famous travel destinations of Russia are like Red Square, Moscow. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Annunciation Cathedral, Lake Baikal, Palace square in St. Petersburg.
    • Cultural celebrations, tasty Russian food and centuries old Russian literature is appreciated by millions of tourist every year.

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