Facts about St. Petersburg !

You really should know some wonderful Facts about Saint Petersburg !

For centuries, ST. Petersburg is serving in the national and international arena of Russia from industrial, cultural, historical and literary aspects. It is the second largest city of Russia and world-famous  tourist destination. It is also known as Cultural Capital of Russia.

Important Facts about St. Petersburg

We have collected some of the general facts about St. Petersburg for you. They will be very help full piece of knowledge on your travel to St. Petersburg.

History of St. Petersburg

  • This city was founded in early eighteenth century (1703)
  • It served Russia as a capital city for 206 years ( 1712 to 1918 )
  • Name of the city was changed thrice in the history. Petrograd and Leningrad were its old name.

Geographical Importance of St. Petersburg

  • It has the geographical area of 1400 square kilometers.
  • It is located in the Northwest Federal Distinct of Russia.
  • 5 million people are living in St. Petersburg.
  • It has 40 rivers crossing its land. It’s also called “The Venice of the North”

About the City

  • Local time of the city is 3 hours ahead of GMT and 4 hours in day light saving period.
  • It is also called Sankt-Petersburg in Russian.
  • St. Petersburg comprises of 42 islands.
  • Two main cities of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are nearly 400 miles away from each other.
  • Sapsan is the fastest train connecting these two cities. Heading from Moscow, you will travel to St. Petersburg in just 3.5 hours.

Economy of  St. Petersburg

  • It is the main port city of Russia, this makes it the trade center of Russia for oil and gas, heavy machinery, chemicals and other industrial products.
  •  It is having the largest brewing industry of Russia. Contributing to more than 30% towards the productions of Russian beer.
  • This city has the highest number of small and medium enterprises in Russia.

Tourism in St. Petersburg

  • It has the wealth of many royal palaces Peterhof palace, Cathedrals St. Isaac’s Cathedral, museums like State hermitage museum, architectural and artistic treasures named Tsarskoye Selo Complex. It is also known as “GOROD MUZEI” – the museum city of Russia.
  • The first museum was founded by the Great Peter. Ranging from the vast hermitage, to small apartment museums honoring some of Russia’s greatest writers, the city now boats over 100 museums.


  • Longer boat trips out to the island of Neva Delta, Suburban Imperial Palaces and circular trips through the historic center are the most popular cruise triproutes around the channels, canals and rivers of St. Petersburg.
  • The city is normally has 21 White Nights in “summer”season usually from 11th June to 2nd July during this time, the sun does not set down  the way it does normally. from 23 : 00 till 03:00 sky color not goes dark, only light blue sky color   and you can enjoy this beautiful city without the care of getting dark.
  • Hermitage Hotel, Hollander Hotel, Petro Palace Hotel  are some of the best hotels to stay in St. Petersburg.
  • On your travel to St. Petersburg, don’t forget to visit these famous tourist places along with the most famous ones. Some of them are St. Petersburg Museum of History, Museum of Fine Arts,  Summer Garden, St. Petersburg Museum of History, Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas Pavlovsk Palace and Park and so many more.

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