Which city is better for students? Moscow or Saint Petersburg? | Russian visa

Moscow is comparatively  expensive city of Europe.  Students have to check their living budget before selecting city of Russia as student .  Accommodations are very expensive in Moscow. However the cost of life is very reasonable in Saint Petersburg Russia,  which is about 150 to 250 USD a month.
The process of applying Russian Citizenship is RELATIVELY easy from the city of Saint Petersburg Russia, as COMPARED to Moscow.  Students who live in Moscow, have to wait even more than 5 years just to get a temporary residence permit for Russia.  However, students who live in Saint Petersburg can easily get temporary residence permit in just 1 to 2 years. Every year Russian Government opens quota in the month of January for foreigners like you. Who can apply for temporary residence permit and after that, get their Russian Passport.

Please read the full article here : https://www.ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/

We have our fully working team in the city of Saint Petersburg Russia.  In this city , we will provide you full after visa services when you arrive to Saint Petersrburg. However in Moscow, we will not be able to give you all services.

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