What is the process for getting citizenship in Russia? | Russian visa

There are three steps for getting citizenship in Russia.

Step 1: Apply for ARWPY

You can get ARWPY within 3 months after applying, you can work full time in Russia after issuance of ARWPY.

Step 2: Apply for VEET/CHISVA

VEET is just like a green card in Russia, you can apply for it after 14 months of getting ARWPY. The duration of getting VEET is 6 months after application. VEET is just like a Russian citizenship, you will get all the rights of Russian citizens,  just that you cannot cast your vote on this status.

Step 3: Apply for Russian Red Passport

The application of Red Passport can be applied after the 6 months of getting VEET.  You get red passport , within 6 - 12 months of application.

For full process of citizenship in Russia, please read: https://www.ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/

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