What is the process for getting driving licence in Russia? | Russian visa

To get a driving license in Russia, first you have to take a driving course which is totally of 50 hours. There will be a test on computers related to traffic regulations in Russia. Then comes the stage of road test, which is about your driving skills. The road test is comprised of test track driving and city driving as well.

The driving course can be taken at any driving school in Russia but the test will be conducted at the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate or GIBDD. If the test is completed successfully, the license is issued to the name of the person for the duration of its stay in Russia.

Documents required for getting a driving license in Russia:

  • Filled application form
  • Original passport or any other identity proof document
  • Document authorizing the registration of residence in Russia, or place of residence, valid for more than 12 months
  • Medical certificate of fitness to drive, with eyesight, movement and reflexes tests.
  • Document certifying the completion of driving training
  • Fee paid at GIBDD or any bank or post office

Note: All the foreign nationals should be fluent Russian language speaker because all the process and test will be in Russian. No translations are allowed.

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