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Planning to Travel to Russia? Know all about all the three busiest International Airports in Moscow

 Domodedovo International Airport - The largest and busiest airport in Moscow Russia

 Domodedovo International Airport - The largest and busiest airport in Moscow Russia

The city of Moscow and whole region of Moscow Oblast is served by three major international airports. Sheremetyevo  (SVO), Domodedovo (DME) and Vnukovo (VKO) International airports. All the three airports in Moscow are connected with to the stations of Moscow Metro through Aeroexpress.

You can easily reserve your flights from the airport in your close vicinity in Moscow. Here are the details on all these airports in Moscow!

Domodedovo International Airport

Domodedovo International Airport is the  busiest and largest airport of Russia. The airport is about 26 miles away from the main city center. Every year about 30 to 32 million people use to fly from this airport. This number of people is rapidly increasing over the last few years.

Domodedovo International Airport has two terminals for international and domestic flights. Domodedovo  is the hub of 8 Russian airlines, including Transaero Airlines. Other than that, 85 international airlines are operating here to connect Moscow with 239 destinations in the world!

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 Domodedovo International Airport Moscow Russia

 Domodedovo International Airport Moscow Russia

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo international airport is located in the city of city of Khimki in Moscow Oblast. It is 18 miles away from the main Moscow city center. Sheremetyevo is the hub for 3 Russian airlines including Aeroflot.

Sheremetyevo international airport has three terminals in its Northern side. Terminal A, B and C as its North terminals. And three terminals, Terminal D, E and F as its South terminals.Terminal A is specifically dedicated for business and private flights.

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Sheremetyevo International Airport Moscow Russia

Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo airport is the third busiest and largest of airports in Moscow. It had a passengers inflow of about 11.18 millions last year. It is the hub for 7 Russian airlines including Transaero Airlines. It is 17 miles away from the main city center of Moscow.

Vnukovo international airport has a famous VIP lounge serving many Russian politicians and VIPs. Vnukovo airport has dual runway of 3,000 metres and 3060 meters in length. Due to its highest elevation among the airports of Moscow, Vnukovo international airport also serve for emergency landings in heavy fog and bad weather.

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 Vnukovo International Airport Moscow

 Vnukovo International Airport Moscow

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