7 Awesome Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia
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Mostly students do not give a good attention to Russia, when they are going to choose study abroad. But have you ever wondered what are the real facts? ..... You will be surprised to know that today, latest technologies and modern education are quickly changing its center towards Russia! For the last few years, the number of international students coming for MBBS in Russia , has increased up to 10 times.

7 Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia!

Because of the great European lifestyle, modern cities, amazing student life in Russia, top tourist attractions and most welcoming local people, Russia is now the 6th largest country for study abroad. Indians and other Asians are among the most popular foreign communities , that are quickly growing in Russia.

Wait a minute! 

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Here is why you should go to Russia for study and leave rest of the world aside ! We bet that after reading our these 7 reasons to do MBBS in Russia, Russia will always come first to your mind..

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Russian universities have best selection process . Unlike the other countries of Europe and US, Russia has made its selection very easy for foreign students.

2, circle icon of 2, 2 in circle, colored icon of 2, colored icon of 2Russian medical universities offers more than 98% acceptance rate. The admission process of Russia is designed specially to save youngsters from the frustration of rejection, at the very first stage of their career.

3, circle icon of 3, 3 in circle, colored icon of 3, colored icon of 3There are easy admission requirements for Russia. Russian universities do not need SAT or IELTS for admissions.  But the student should keep up good passing grades in secondary school exam to study in Russia.

4, circle icon of 4, 4 in circle, colored icon of 4, colored icon of 4Unlike other countries, Russian universities offer a special preparatory course for all the foreign students. The course is  to prepare students for taking the medical class in Russia.

This includes a proper language training and revision of previous knowledge. So, that the student can easily deal with the local patients during their on study training. Understand the common medical terms and revise all the necessary concepts of biology to start their professional degree.

5, circle icon of 5, 5 in circle, colored icon of 5, colored icon of 5No Racism in Russia, No Religious issues!

Russians are world leaders. But they will never make you feel inferior among them. Russian people are known to be the most welcoming community. They are deeply attached with social and moral values. And respect foreigners as their own family.

Quick Selection and Visa Processing

6, circle icon of 6, 6 in circle, colored icon of 6, colored icon of 6MBBS is the most expensive course in other regions of Europe and America. But Russia offers best medical qualifications at very low cost fees structure for MBBS.

Read more details about  cost of student life in Russia.

7Russian medical degrees are recognized all across the world. They stand top in the UNESCO and WHO rating. Among the top 100 medical universities of the world, 30 medical universities are Russians!

In the 6 years of study , the medical student is given a professional experience in various hospitals. This encourages many young students to come and study in Russia.

Cost of MBBS in Russia 2016

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MBBS Fees for Russia 2016

Russia MBBS Admission Requirements 2016

Eligibility Criteria

Yes you are to eligible to become a doctor from Russia!

  • You should be 17 years of age at the time of application
  • Every one should have passed the 12 standard in at least 50% marks.
  • Students should have a valid passport for at least 16 months.

Required Documents

You simply need these basic documents to study MBBS in Russia.

  • Scanned copy of the filled admission form
  • Scanned copy of educational certificates
  • Passport size pictures
  • Scanned copy of  passport

Top Russian Medical Universities


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  1. This data looks very interesting, very detailed and the reasons to study in russia will help students looking for admission in Russia
    • Natalia
      Dear Vineeth, Thanks for your appreciation. RIBTTES also completely facilitates the student admissions and Russian student Visa process for MBBS students, starting from their application to arrival and full settlement in Russia. Please see details here: https://www.ribttes.com/study-in-russia/ we will be very happy to guide and process for your Indian students.
  2. This is really useful and thank you so much..........I also have a query I am not that rich and cannot afford more than 3 lakhs per year and I want to become a doctor so can u please help me out......I really need some guidance as I am from a not good family background
    • Natalia
      Dear Kaniskar, yes the packages are affordable for MBBS. Our representative will shortly guide you for Study in Russia Fees 2017 sessions on email. Regards Team RIBTTES
  3. Iam not Rich ,I have score just 60%in my HSS ,after I was reading the above information my heart tells that now I can do it

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