Foreign citizenship can get now student work permit
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Now that's what we called, big news of 2016 for the foreign students, who are planning to study in Russia. Now they will have proper chances to get full time Russian Student work permit.

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Russian Federal Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation. 25.07.2002 N 115-FZ, article 13.4 Revised and enforced from 31st July 2016.

With this rule, Russian Government now allows foreign students to work full time in Russia. So, foreign students can easily earn their living expenses in Russia.

Now work full-time on Russian student visa

Student Work Permit Russia, Russian Immigration Laws 2016, Work on Russian Student VisaIn past Russian universities and Russian government did not allow international students to work in Russia.

But with quickly growing number of international students coming to study in Russia. And increasing economic activity in the largest cities of Russia. The requirement of qualified professionals is also increasing in Russia. So, authorities took notice of the issue of work allowed on Russian student visa.

This permission was not only necessary for students to support themselves. But also to gain professional experience in Russian companies.

Hence, this law for students work permit for Russia is recently revised on 31st July 2016. Now, all our students will be able to get good jobs in Russia.  With the legal permission of our government.

Important to Note!

  1. Only the students of Russian State Universities on a full time professional program, can apply for work permit.
  2. The students need employment contract to file for their work permit.
  3. Government will issue work permit for the time of 1 year.
  4. Every year work permit will be extendable depending on the duration of student visa.
  5. This work permit will be issued by the Gov body called FMS in Russia. They will generate work permit card specially for the students.

The enforcement of this law, will start a new era of foreign students in Russia. The international students will now be able to study and earn their living for a better life in Russia!

How we can help you !  will help students to get their work permit in Russia. There are many formalities which can be difficult for students who are new in Russia and dont have much knowledge about Russian law and policies. So do not be worried at all because when Russia then RIBTTES. Our professional services will always be available for you!

We strongly recommend students to study this article if they are planning to come Russia. Citizenship of Russia  


7 Responses

  1. What about language course programs students. Can they do part time job?
    • Natalia
      Yes Rabby , applicant can get work permit if he has a preparatory course leading to full time study program in Russia.
  2. Can a student do business in russia?also what will it cost?
    • Ribttes
      Thank you for reading our blog, Yes student can open a Ltd company in Russia, but on that company he can not work unless he got work permit from its own company. and for that he needs to apply his own work permit on his company as director or any other post. other wise if he hired some Russian citizen employee for work then he can supervise work without getting own work permit. i hope this is clear if you want more information you can contact our our representative will love to assist you. regards
  3. Respected Sir if i'm studying in russian language course year long in moscow state university can i do part time job? Please Replay
    • Natalia
      Dear Imran Yes you can work if you have a preparatory course leading to full time study program in Russia.
    • Ribttes
      HI, you have to talk to your university and ask them to issue you letter for part time work. i hope they will issue you , because many universities these days are issuing work permission to the students. so just talk to your admin department or talk to your agency from which you came in Russian. Because normally agencies are helping students specially in that case and when they speak to universities then it matters . hope it will help

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