The City of Novokuznetsk Russia

Novokuzentsk has the population of 547,904 as per the record of 2010.

It is the 28th largest city of Russia by population. The Novokuznetsk is situated in Kemrtovo Oblast. .

Total area of the city is 424.3 km2. It is located near the Tom River. This city is nearly 2344  miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Novokuznetsk

City was founded in 1618. Old of the city was Kuentsky Ostrog. City is famous for skilled blacksmiths. Different generations of blacksmiths are living in this city for centuries.

Climate of Novokuznetsk

Winters are extremely cold in this city. The average temperature reaches to -20◦C in winters. Also the summers are not very hot  and average temperature stays at around 25 to 27 ◦C.

Educational Institutes 

This city is quite advanced in terms of education. Branch of Kemerovo State University, Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy are the prominent ones.

Economy of Novokuznetsk

Today,  city is highly advanced in terms of industries. Different types of metal and steel industries are present in this city which are considered as a backbone of Kuzbass Region.

Places to Visit in Novokuznetsk

There are Different historical and amazing  places are  in this city such as Teatralnaya Square, Constructors Palace of Culture, 7th Morning Musical Theater and the Drama Theater are the famous ones and so many tourist come to visit these wonderful Places.

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Novokuznetsk Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

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