Orthodox Christmas in Russia

The Unique Celebrations of Orthodox Christmas in Russia

Celebrations in Russia, Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas Celebrations in Russia


About the Orthodox Christmas in Russia

Christmas  Day - 25th December is the birthday of Jesus (Peace Be Up on Him) .  But Russians are the nation that do not celebrate their Christmas on 25th December. The majority of Russian people are Orthodox Christians. Russian people follow Julian calendar.

So as per this calendar, the birthday of Jesus comes on the 7 Jan of modern Georgian Calendar. And it is known as the Orthodox Christmas Day.

Orthodox Christmas Holidays in Russia

The orthodox Christmas celebration was abandoned during the time of Soviet Union era in Russia due to the practice of atheism at state level within the country. After their political stability, Russian government  declared Christmas day as national holiday included in the yearly holidays of the New Year from the decade of 1990s.

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The Christmas celebrations in Bolshoi Theater of Russia

Today nearly 50% of Russians celebrate 7th Jan as orthodox Christmas Day throughout Russia as a national celebration with New Year.

Orthodox Christmas Celebrations in Russia

The evening of 6 Jan is considered as the Orthodox Christmas Eve. On the Christmas eve there are many celebrations and services are offered by the orthodox Christians. The traditional meals and offerings are offered by the devoted Christians prepare traditional meal and offerings. Special holy supper of 12 dishes is prepared to honor their Twelve Apostles.

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Christmas Celebrations in St Isaac's Square in Petersburg, Russia

Eastern Orthodox Church in the Russia

Christ the Savior Cathedral Moscow is the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Russia. It is considered as the governing authority among the orthodox Christians throughout the world. It is also known as Moscow Patriarchate. The church has officially 150,000,000 followers of Russians orthodoxy around the world.

There is a lot of debate among the Christians about the authenticity and the credibility of this Church. Some of the researchers look at the matter with political angle along with the religious context.  But, Orthodox Christmas Day of Russia is celebrated with a backing of official permission this Eastern Orthodox Church.

Christ the Savior Cathedral Moscow, Orthodox Christmas

Christ the Savior Cathedral Moscow - The Church of Eastern Christianity

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