Bioengineering systems and prosthetic diploma

Moscow State University

Description of Course:

Bioengineering systems and prosthetic diploma

Three years bioengineering system and prosthetics is a high skilled , technical diploma program for foreign students in the field of clinical prosthetic and orthotics specializations. The program is specially designed for medical technicians.

Diploma in Rehabilitation studies in Prosthetics is designed for students who want to work in the prestigious sector of healthcare, for improving amputees lifes and designing commercial products in modern and intelligent prothetics areas. Russian technologies are well know in the sector of  health care, hence students trained this technician program are employed under high skilled categories in research and commercial manufacturing sectors of prosthetic.

What is the scope of Bioengineering systems and prosthetic diploma in Russia ?

These specialties cover the learning in the sector of high end prosthetics products. The program will be focused on :

  • Design of the prosthetic products
  • Fabrication and fitting of prosthesis
  • Research in intelligent prosthetic limbs
  • Assessing and reviewing patients demands
  • Alignments and Monitoring prosthetic devices
  • Innovations and modern technologies in prosthetic
  • Commercial practicing and ethics as per the international health care conducts

Who can join the program?

  • Young students
  • Medical technicians
  • Engineering technicians
  • Health care professionals

Minimum Qualification  to apply :

High school Education ( 12 years of education)

Language eligibility to join the program:

The university will train all foreign students for understating the Russian language and medical terminologies in the first year.

Jobs for Bioengineering and Prothetic technicians in Russia:

Intelligent and high end commercial prosthetics is one of the highly flourishing field in Europe and developed countries.  These foreign professionals are categorised as " High Skilled Professionals" in Russian immigration policies.

This 3 year professional diploma in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics is in the top 50 of the most demanded new and promising occupations on the labor market, which require secondary vocational education (the list is approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation).

Russia is among the top exporters of clinical prosthetic in the world, hence the employment opportunities are high favourable for experts and salaries for specialists in this area shall be only high.


Qualifications for graduates:

Medical Post graduate course Specialization

Form of study:



Three years

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