Masters in Electrical Power Engineering

Moscow State University

Description of Course:

The course Masters in Electrical Power Engineering 2019 Russia is designed in way which emphasizes on the practical and theoretical knowledge equally.

English Medium Electrical Power Engineering degree covers the major subjects of power plant engineering covering the areas of operations, design and maintenance.

The course is divided into a section of practical training to equip the professionals with the power plant engineering core. The students are equipped with high level knowledge in the major areas of power plant engineering described below:

  • Power plant operations and design
  • Students are taught the core of thermodynamics
  • Students are educated for modelling and simulations of the power plants
  • The students are educated for the scientific research

The course train the students for the practical applications as described below:

  • The professional students are trained for the modes of operations of power plants
  • The professionals are trained for the environmental safety conditions
  • The course includes the training for the energy efficient solutions

The aim of the course is to make the professionals experts in the modern energy sector. The professionals of the program are trained for the analysis, evaluation and implementations of the complex technical solutions for the improvement in the energy efficiency of power plants.

Scope of Engineering graduates of Russian universities: Russian engineers are working in research and industrial project of Russia, EU, India, China, Brazil and other techno advanced and techno developing countries.

Qualifications for graduates:

Master's degree

Form of study:



Two years

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