Masters in System and Software Engineering

Moscow State University

Description of Course:

Masters in System and Software Engineering

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The course of Masters in System and Software Engineering is designed with the latest knowledge on the areas of computer software engineering. The aim is to enable the students to design and apply the software systems to embedded systems. The aim of the course is to enable the students to use the technical knowledge in devising solutions to the real life problems.

The course will help in solving real life problems with advanced learning options and career opportunities.

  1. Software architecture
  2. Software management
  3. Software planning and risk management
  4. Software assurance.

The host university is among the Largest Russian Data Research centers and hold prominent position in world's top business schools.

Scope of Masters in System and Software Engineering in Russia

  • The course will encourage the students to utilize knowledge of mathematics and science to solve the problems of software engineering.
  • The students will be educated to design a system or engineering process that provides the solution to the requirements or the problems through, design, validation verification and interpretation process.
  • To promote the software engineering practices students will be encouraged to use the software engineering tools and will be taught modern techniques and skills of software engineering.
  • The students will be enabled to analyze the problem and will be skilled to choose the best software engineering technique to give the best solution.

Job opportunities for System Engineers in Russia

  • Exposure to get settled in Russian Software or IT industry.
  • Scope in Research educational sector.
  • Job prospects in European and multinational IT companies
  • For immigration purpose, Computer and System Engineers fall in the High skilled professional categories. Permanent residency is offered with work opportunity in Russia along with other developed different countries.

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Qualifications for graduates:

Master's degree

Form of study:



Two years

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