Masters in Intelligent Systems

Moscow State University

Description of Course:

Masters in Intelligent Systems / Mechatronics

Master in controls and intelligent systems offers knowledge and expertise in the field of the intelligent systems. The intelligent systems engineering is the future of the engineering. The program covers the technical courses and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Physical engineering
  • Control Systems
  • Computational engineering

Students are encouraged with creative and design abilities in this course to create the solutions of the problems to the level of Masters in Artificial Intelligence . The course focuses on the network technology and focuses on the development of the smart systems. The students are encouraged in the research and projects to explore the intelligent systems at optimum level utilizing the opportunities available.

The students are offered different disciplines to select from:

  • Bio engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Cyber physical systems
  • Environmental engineering
  • Molecular engineering
  • Bio medical informatics
  • Information science

The course aims to make the students experts in the field of information systems. The course gives the liberty to students to become the experts in the field in any chosen discipline.

The course finds its applications in every engineering in the future. The automation and technology demands the students’ experts in the intelligent systems. The course enables the students to create and manage the smart systems with higher level of efficiency.

Qualifications for graduates:

Master's degree

Form of study:



Two years

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