Preparatory Course leading to Engineering Degree

Moscow State University

Description of Course:

Preparatory Course for Engineering is for future engineers.This Preparatory course leads to the Engineering degree program in Russian universities. In this course, universities teach basic Russian language, along with the revision of subjects, in which students want to continue their main degree program.

The subjects taught in this preparatory course are:

  • Russian Language
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Basic Engineering/ Workshop Concepts

The students can continue to any degree related to his educational background after completing the preparatory/ Russian language course in the same university.

This course builds very strong foundation for international students. Also after coming to Russia, the students like to get settled in Russia. Learning Russian is very important if students want to explore career opportunities and settlement plans in Russia.

Foreign students normally get afraid with this Russian language but in reality, we have many students in past from many different countries. who successfully completed their journey of learning Russian language and then proceeding to settling in Russia.

Qualifications for graduates:

Preparatory program

Form of study:



One year

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