Preparatory Course to MBBS and dentistry | Russian visa

Preparatory Course to MBBS and dentistry

  • Level of Study: Preparatory program
  • Duration: One year
  • Medium of studies: English and Russian
  • Tuition Fee: USD 4500 / 250000 Rubles
  • Mode: Full- Time
  • Study Intake: September
  • Session: Sept 2018
  • City: Moscow

Russian MBBS and Dentistry  schools occupies the top positions among the world 100 best Medical university. The students are trained over the  period of 5 to 6 years, allowing the chances of practicing in best of Russian State hospitals.

To study MBBS/ Dentistry in Russia, all internationals students have to do one year preparatory course leading to MBBS and dentistry degree program, this preparatory course will include basic English, Chemistry, Biology and Russian language also. All Russian State Universities take this test .

All students must have to clear this before admission to medical. after clearing one year Preparatory course students have to clear a entry test , which will not be so difficult. About 98% of all good foreign students easily clear the entrance test .

University Foundation course leading to undergraduate degree in medicines. WHO and UNESCO recognized MBBS degree. The program is offered by the world known faculty.


  1. General Medicine
  2. Dentistry
  3. Preventive Medicine


Language Eligibility: Russian language and subject foundation course is offered by Russian universities to all the applicants. Participation in Russian language and subject foundation course is mandatory for all the applicants to study MBBS and Dentistry in Russia.


Preparatory to MBBS / Dentistry is offered in multiple state universities. RIBTTES as Russian agency for the recruitment of international students will facilitate you to process your admission in desired fee budget and faculty choices ( tuition fee can be as low as USD 2000  or as high as USD 8000 per year.

Academic Requirements: 12 years education with Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects to apply for foundation program for MBBS and Dentistry in Russia.

Medical applicants are offered the benefit of health insurance by their host universities in Russia.

Student Internships are offered in Russian hospitals.

University State:  Program is available in State universities, semi state universities and public sector universities.

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