Russian Entry Requirements

What do you need as Russian Entry Requirements ?

Making a trip to Russia is a wonderful idea for most exciting and exotic vacations! But Russian government needs  you to prepare certain formal documents. And go through a legal process to visit to Russia. These Russian entry requirements vary country to country. Russian embassies process all the documents very carefully. So this process needs a lot of your attention.

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Here are some important things that you need to know about the Russian Entry Requirements.

Russian Visa Application

It’s a formal application document that you can get it from your Russian embassy or from their website. Your pictures, valid passport a completely filled application are required to file for Russian Visa.

For more details about the application procedure and general visa conditions, please visit our section on How to get a Russian Visa.

Russian Visa Invitation

Russian visa invitation is a formal invitation letter to visit Russia. You will be needing this document as must Russian entry requirements.

Your Russian host provides this official document. Main purpose of this letter is to explain the purpose of your visit.

This Russian host can be anyone like your friend, a Russian hotel or a Russian travel company.

For more details, please visit our section on Tourist Visa Invitation

Travel Insurance policy to enter Russia

Travel insurance policy to visit Russia,  is a must entry requirement in some of the American states and European countries. And some countries don’t even bother to ask for insurance policy.

It totally depends on the Russian embassy in your country. Your visa can even be rejected when you fail to give insurance document if required.

For more details, please visit our section on Insurance for a Russian Visa

Tourist Registrations or Visa Registration in Russia

On your visit to Russia, the next most important thing is the registration process.  For staying more than three days in Russia, you need to register your visa within 7 business days after your arrival.

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Your visa, passport, Russian contact information and arrival confirmation document is required to register yourself with Federal Migration Services Office of Russia.

How can we help you in arranging Russian Entry Requirements?

We always recommend you to consult some experienced people who are well familiar with this processes. This saves your a lot of time, your effort and money that  goes wasted when you make self-experiments.

We offers you updated information to prepare your Russian entry requirements. With our professional guide for processing visa invitation letters, Russian travel plans, best hotels to stay, we can help to make this process easier for you!

Explore interesting vacation ideas in Russia here. Or contact us here to learn more about Russian entry requirements.

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