All About Settling in Russia

Here are the Basics Thing you Need to Know while Settling in Russia

Russia is a beautiful country to live. Settling in Russia offers wonderful life experiences and true enjoyment of life. Modern developments in Russia, progressing economy and the welcoming entry policy of Russian government have attracted lot of foreigners for settling in Russia.

With its large energy resources, steady growth and stability. Russia has become one of the most prominent countries in the world. It is ranked as the 8th largest economy of  the world!

Technology versus nature, modern skyscrapers and green trees, Russia, settling in Russia

Technology versus nature, modern skyscrapers and green trees, Russia

Living in Russia

Settling in Russia would need finding work and accommodation to live. In Russia, you can get a normal room in $300 for a month in Moscow city, however this price may increase to $3000 in the elite areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Most easy job to get in Russia is to teach English and translation job. However, to work as a foreigner here, you need a work permit from the office of Federal Migration Service in Russia.

For settling in Russia, foreigners need to register their visa in three days of time after arriving in Russia. This is done by Federal Migration Services Office of Russia.

Work Opportunities in Russia

Russia offers so many business and job opportunity to foreigners. In industrial, technological and recreational and services sectors. Russian government has also made special economic zones for foreign investments . They offer equal rights, lenient tax policies and transparent rules to help foreigners to invest in Russia.

Studying in Russia

Russian universities stand among the best institutes of the world. Lomonosov Moscow State University , St. Petersburg State University and Novosibirsk State University are the best professional education institutes to study in Russia.

MSU, Best University of Russia, Study in Russia, Settling in Russia

The night view of Moscow State University in Russia

Living Attractions in Russia

The cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are like a dream place to settle in Russia. These cities always attract people to their fascinating cultural attractions, museums, monuments and architectural buildings . During your stay in Russia, you can enjoy classical music, great artist and directors and hundreds of years old architectures. This will make your experience in Russia more amazing.

There are many clubs and resorts made for foreigners in Russia where you can meet other foreigners. And can join the thrilling social activities for settling in Russia.

Settling in Russia

Nightlife in Russia

About Russian Society

Russian people are very well cultured and welcoming for foreigners.  Law policies are relatively less strict as compared to the other European countries.  Russians are highly linked with the social and cultural values. They themselves live in joint family setups and offer you quickly to mix up with them.

If you are planning for settling in Russia for work or for study. Then having a basic understanding of Russian language is really important. As they do not know much English.

Russia is full of language schools where you can learn Russian and can also get a full degree from recognized institutes such as Moscow State University.

The Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow City , Settling in Russia

The Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow City

So , settling  to Russia will give you a truly life changing experience. Best business and career opportunities, top educational institutes ,  interesting culture and beautiful natural wonders of Russia are waiting for you!

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