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9 simple steps for foreigner students to get education visa in Russia !


Choose your desired program at Then, submit an online application form at RIBTTES for initial assessment.


Receive the eligibility confirmation from RIBTTES in 1-2 working days. After that, get your login details by our representatives.


Pay your registration fee $99 to register yourself at RIBTTES. Then your  visa invitation letter will be proceeded.


Get your original visa invitation letter after 35 - 50 days of processing.


Apply your  visa in Russian Embassy/consulate of your home country, as per their requirements


Get your Russian student visa and your legalized documents from Russian embassy.


Pay admission fee $699 after visa. Pay tuition fee before arrival, (depending on university requirements, some universities are taking fee on arrival)


After coming to Russia, apply visa extension, medical, insurance. RIBTTES will assist you, throughout in this process.

Welcome to study in Russia 

RIBTTES welcomes you for your interest for getting quality education in Russia. We ensure you that all the information and services you get from our side will be 100% authentic. RIBTTES is helping students from selecting the right course to all of his/her time spent in Russia. RIBTTES  gives free support to their students during all their visit in Russia. We have been inviting students for Russia from all over the world. It is no doubt that Russia has worlds top ranking universities and quality life style absolutely risk free countries for foreigners. Living standards in Russia is higher than the European countries. Now days students are allowed to do jobs in Russia and can also apply for process of Russian citizenship which makes Russia a heaven for all foreign students. I hope that you will choose your better future and I wish to see you soon in Russia. Best of luck !

General Director

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More than 100 graduate and under-graduate programs available

Our Partner Universities

RIBTTES works in close collaboration with all Russian Universities. We offer you the complete guide for selecting the best educational options of your interest. Our people are expert in handling all of your admission process and visa support. And make you reach the top universities in Russia!

Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy


Bauman Moscow State Technical University


St. Petersburg State Technical University

logo of spigl

Saint-Petersburg Institute of Management and Law

Russian Academy of Education


Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunication



Liden and Denz


Do you really want to be next like them in Russia ?

Why Study in Russia ?


Russia is the technology leader in the world! You get the most advanced technical education and Research in Russian Universities

Acceptance Rate

Russian Universites have very high acceptance rate for international students

Easy Admission

Russia has the easiest university admission system, as compared to American and German universities process.

Highly Affordable

Cost of student life in Russia is very cheap as compared to US, UK and  EU.


Students can apply fast track citizenship of Russia, how to apply Russian citizenship

Student life

Countless tour destinations, entertainment, adventure, nightlife...FIFA 2018!




Discover Russia


  • Capital of Russia
  • 3rd biggest budget city of world
  • World Top Rank Universities
  • 12 million population

St. Petersburg

  • 2nd largest city of Russia
  • Approximately 600 sq km.
  • Russian main port city
  • 6 million population


  • Third Capital of Russia
  • 8th most populous city
  • Cultural center of Russia
  • Large number of theaters


  • 4th largest city
  • Industrial and cultural center
  • Russia’s 1st industrial city
  • Economic backbone of Russia