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Celebration of Maslenitsa festival in Russia

Maslentisa festival is a religious celebration. It is one of the most joy able and colorful festivals in Russia. It is celebrated a week before the Orthodox Great Lent or the Great Fast before Easter. It is celebrated as ‘Cheese fare week’. This religious celebration is celebrated among the Eastern orthodox communities of Russia, Bulgaria,…
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Celebrations of Russian Victory Day

Experience the Amazing Celebrations of Russian Victory Day on 9th May  ! Russian people are known in the world for amazing history! They have a very long history of war fighting's and defending their national honor. This has made Russian the most brave national in the world! Today's Russian Federation has adopted its national heritage from Soviet Union. Among…
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Orthodox Christmas in Russia

The Unique Celebrations of Orthodox Christmas in Russia [caption id="attachment_7592" align="aligncenter" width="736"] Orthodox Christmas Celebrations in Russia[/caption]   About the Orthodox Christmas in Russia Christmas  Day - 25th December is the birthday of Jesus (Peace Be Up on Him) .  But Russians are the nation that do not celebrate their Christmas on 25th December. The majority…
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Moscow Olympics Games 1980

XXII Summers Moscow Olympics. The First Olympics in Russia. [caption id="attachment_6684" align="alignright" width="300"] The Miskha Bear in Moscow Olympics 1980[/caption] The XXII summer Olympic games took place in 1980 in the city of Moscow. Los Angeles and Moscow were competing for hosting these games. Moscow won the final decision on 23 of october 1974 in Viena, with the ratio…
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Sochi Olympics 2014

A Quick Review of Sochi  Olympics 2014 Russian Federation hosted its first Olympics game in February 2014. Sochi Olympics 2014  was named on the host city of  Sochi as 'Sochi Winter Olympics'. The city of Sochi has been one of the main tourist attractions in Russia for a very long time. The city shares the coast of…
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Attraction of Russian Culture

The Traditional Attractions of Russian Culture Russian culture is very prosperous. It comprises of decades based on their diverse background. Russians tradition features their skill, meals, traditions, literary works, thought patterns and much more. Russian culture is rich in style and variety, reflecting their passion of education arts and liberal arts. These people are very…
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National Holidays in Russia

Celebrations of National Holidays in Russia and Public Day in Russia Russians are the nation who love to celebrate each and every single event in the life. Full of colors, playful activities, beautiful cultural rituals, traditional food and dresses, you will always find Russians celebrating life. Many religious, regional, local and republican holidays are celebrated in…
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Russian Weather

When to Go Russia, to enjoy the best of Russian Weather and its festivities! While making your plans, you always think of "When to visit Russia?" Or " Best time to enjoy the attractions of Russian Weather ?".  Today's Weather Report of Russia, you can find Today's weather report Every tourist  thinks of such questions to plan…
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Nightlife in Russia

This is like a dream for any one to enjoy Nightlife in Russia. Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are some of the most thrilling cities of world. They hold a prominent place among other competitors like Dubai, Vegas, Singapore and NYC. Attractions of nightlife in Russia won’t let you sleep at night! Russian…
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