Jaspreet Singh Toor Student | Russian visa

23rd Feburary is the National Holiday in Russia for the observance of Defenders of the Fatherland day

We will be back on Monday!


I am very thankful for RIBTTES support team. I specially thanks madam Natalia and Alexander Sasha. And I special thanks madam Elona and Sir Maksim for helping me in my full process of admission.

I contacted RIBTTES team through online application for my study visa. And I got the admission in Russian Language course. RIBTTES team helped me in getting my visa and received me on the airport.

I am too much happy after coming to Saint Petersburg.

Thanks. I hope in my future for opening my bank account and will help me for TRP.

Russian Student Visa of Indian Student Toor 2017

Jaspreet Singh Toor, Arrived to Saint Petersburg on 20th Sept 2017