Santosh Giri Student | Russian visa

23rd Feburary is the National Holiday in Russia for the observance of Defenders of the Fatherland day

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Hi my name is Santosh Giri and I am from Nepal. Now I am in Saint Petersburg Russia on student visa and my current course is Russian language preparatory Course leading to Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

I am very satisfied now but this journey was not very easy for me until I found RIBTTES. They dealt very smoothly with my case . Their representatives are very professional and they have all the solutions before the difficulties even come.

I trust and admire them alot. I am here now because of RIBTTES!

Passport of Student Santosh Giri

Russian Visa 2017 for Nepal Student Santosh Giri

Santosh Giri , Arrived to Saint Petersburg Russia on 19 October 2017