The City of Angarsk Russia

The City of Angarsk is the 3rd largest city of Irkutsk Oblast in Russia

Angarsk is an administrative hub of Angrasky District of Irkutsk Oblast of Russia. It is located on the Kitoy River. The city is nearly 51km away from Irkutsk and 5200 km from Moscow. The total population of city is nearly 233,567 ( 2010 census data ). The city is also known as one of the best in Eastern Siberia in public services and utilities.

The land area of city is 294 sq. km. This city has the rank of 83rd position according to its total population.

History of Angarsk

It was established in 1948. It granted the status of city on May 30, 1951. Today, it is the 3rd largest and foremost city in Irkutsk region.

Education in Angarsk

Technical Education has high importance in the region because of its local industries.

 State Technical Academy is the main educational institute of the area.

Climate of Angarsk

The average temperature of city in winters is -16 o C, while in summers 24 o C is mostly recorded.

Economy of Angarsk

The city started as a industrial estate and made rapid progress in industrialization of petrochemicals, oil refining machine-building, metal-working, light and food industries. The major products of industries are artificial fertilizers, cement, boilers and synthetic fibers.

Places to Visit in Angarsk

The major tourist attractions in city are Oneka-Angarsk Art Center, Clock Museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral and Al-Furqan Mosque .

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The City View of Angarsk

The City View of Angarsk


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