The City of Balakovo Russia

The City of Balakovo is known for its unique variety of food in Russia

Balakovo city is in the Saratov Oblast of Russia. The city is located at the left bank of the Volga river. The city has a population of nearly 199,690 people as per the census of 2010. It is the 95th largest city of Russia by population. The city has an area of 90.89 km 2

This city is nearly 620 miles distant from Moscow city.

The city is famous because of the Balakovo nuclear power plant, wide range of food varieties and local delicacies available in restaurants.

History of Balakovo 

The city was founded in 1762. The town status was granted to the city in 1913. The founders were old believers from  the are of Poland. These people discovered the village on Balakovka river.

Climate of Balakovo 

The city has a humid continental climate, with long winters and warm summers. The average temperature in winters goes to nearly -9°C. During the peak summers  of July, temperature goes up to 23° C in July.

Educational Institutes of Balakovo 

The important universities are Balakovo Institute of Engineering, Technology and Management and Modern Humanitarian Academy. Other colleges,  cultural institutions and musical school are also famous in the city.

Economy of Balakovo 

This city is the location of the Saratov Hydroelectric Station and the Balakovo Nuclear Power plant. These power generation systems are important for the local economy as well as for the economy of Russia.

Places to Visit

Museum of Local History and Holy Trinity Church are the famous places to visit here.

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Trinity Church in Balakovo, Balakovo

Trinity Church in Balakovo


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