The City of Balashikha Russia

 The city of Balashikha is Heavy Industrial in Moscow Oblast of Russia

The city of Balashikha is in Moscow Oblast. It lies in western Russia. It is basically situated on the Pekhorka River. The city is 15 miles on the east of Moscow. It is ranked at 86th position on the basis of its population. Its population is nearly 215,494 (2010 census). The land area of the city is 218.61 km 2 .

The city is world renown for its waterway and unique river system. Pekhorka River is responsible to give water power for different cotton mills in 19th century.

History of Balashikha

The date of establishment of Balashikha is 1830 . Town status was granted to this area in 1939.

Economy of Balashikha

Marked growth of local economy and progress was seen in Soviet times. Nowadays city is known for its heavy industrial center which contributes a lot in making or building machines. Ancient Textile industry is also present in the city.

Climate of Balashikha

Climate of city is continental humid. The average temperature in summers is 24 oC . The winter season is not very cold as compared to other Russian cities. On average, temperature stays at nearly -3 oC  in winters.

Places to Visit in Balashikha

Numerous tourist came here to visit historical and charismatic places. Temple of St. Vladimir, Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore, Malenky Puppet Theater, Temple of the Prelate Nicholas and Balashikhinsky Art Gallery are the famous places.

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Temple of St. Vladimir Balashikha

Temple of St. Vladimir Balashikha


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