The City of Biysk Russia

City of Biysk is a headquarter for largest Russian pharmaceutical company Evalar 

Biysk is a city in Altai Krai of Russia. It is situated where Biya River merges with Katun River. Being the 2nd largest city of Altai Krai. The population of city is 210,115 and placed at 89th position in the country. The total land area of city is 291.67 km 2.

This city is nearly 2336 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Biysk

Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered in 1708 for the establishment of fortress wall of Bikatunskaya. However, Dzungar people destroyed this famous wall in 1710.

In 1718 fortress of Bikatunskaya renovated on the new place. The name was changed to Biyskaya in 1732. With time the city started to become an important center of trade. It was granted town status in 1782.

Climate of Biysk

Winter are very extreme in this city when the average temperature reaches to even -22 oC. The average temperature is nearly 26 oC in summers.

Educational Institute of Biysk

Local campus of Altai State Academy of Education , State Technological Institute, State Pedagogical Institute are the main educational centers here.

Economy of Biysk

The economy of city depends upon scientific and industrial organizations that give special chemicals for rockets and more advanced means to defense their country. The head quarter of largest Russian pharmaceutical company Evalar is also in city.

Places to Visit in Biysk

The city is famous for its history, cinemas, paintings and literature. Church of Dimitry of Rostov, Dolls Giants Theater, Cathedral of the Assumption and city Museum are the famous places to visit here.

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Biysk Museum

Biysk Museum


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