The City of Blagoveshchensk Russia

The Famous City of Blagoveshchensk for its Gold reserves in Russia

It is  the administrative hub of Amur Oblast. Blagoveshchensk is located where Amur and Zeya River meet with each other. Chinese city of Heihe is situated opposite to it.

The estimated population is 214,390 (Data 2010 census). It is the  87th largest city of Russia as per its population. The land area is 320.97 km2. The city became famous after the discovery of Gold here in 20th century.

This city is nearly 4840 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Blagoveshchensk

The date of foundation of city is 1858. It was the time when border of Russia was formed with China by the Amur.

Climate of Blagoveshchensk

The climate of the city is humid continental. In winters average temperature falls to -16.6 oC. While in summers it reaches up to 27.1 oC.

Education in Blagoveshchensk

The city is home of universities, its leading and prestigious institutes are Amur State Medical Academy, Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University, Far Eastern Higher Military Commanding Academy and Far Eastern State Agricultural University.

Economy of Blagoveshchensk

Metal, timber processing and paper production industries are the backbone in the economy of the city.

Places to visit in Blagoveshchensk

Zeya River Embankment, Museum of Local Lore, Amurchonok Regional Puppet Theater, Pervomaiskiy Park of Culture and Leisure and Cathedral of the Annunciation are the major tourist attractions of the city.

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Urban Developments in the City of Blagoveshchensk

Urban Developments in the City of Blagoveshchensk


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