The City of Bratsk Russia

Bratsk city is ranked as 75th populated city in Russia

This is the city in Irkutsk Oblast of Russia. It is located on the Angara River. This location is nearby the Bratsk Reservoir. It means ‘brothers’ in Russian Language. This place is also related to the old name of this city "Buryats".

The total calculated population of the city is 246,319 ( 2010 data ).

History of Bratsk

The city started to develop when Europeans built first fortress in 1663 (Ostrung) along the Angara River. The industrial activity was increased in the area during World War II.

The city faced quick development in 1952 due to the launch of Dam project and hydro electric power station.

Climate of Bratsk

The city has a subarctic climate. Winters are long and cold with an average temperature of -24 degrees. Summers are warm and short with an average temperature of 12 degrees.

Educational Institutes of city

Bratsk State University and Irkutsk State University are the important educational institutions.

Economy of the city

The economy of the city depends on its heavy industry, chemical industry, power stations. The city supports Russia’s reserves for the aluminum industry.

Tourist Attractions in the city

Angara River makes the city, worth visitingFountain on Sovetskaya Street and Bratsk Reservoir are also worth seeing places in the city.

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The City of Bratsk

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