The City of Dzerzhinsk Russia

City of Dzerzhinsk is the fifth largest producers of chemicals in Russia

This is the famous city  in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast of Russia. City is located on Oka River. This city is locate in the eastern side of Moscow. Total population of this city is 240,742.

City is on 77th number in terms of its population ( Data 2010). Total area of the city is 422 km 2. This city lies with the Oka river.

This city is nearly 228 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Dzerzhinsk

This city was founded in 1606. Rastyapini was the old name of this city. Changed to the current name in 1929.

Educational Institutes of Dzerzhinsk

Many educational institutes are present in the city. Dzerzhinsk Polytechnic Institute and local Branch of Nizhegorodskogo of State University are the major ones.

Climate of Dzerzhinsk

The Temperature of the city is very ideal, In  January temperature is around -4 ◦C and in July, it is around 24 ◦C. The city is generally polluted with the chemical wastes of the local industries.

Economy of Dzerzhinsk

This city is the largest center for the production of chemicals in Russia. Many chemical weapons are produced in the factories of this city. Chemical and weapon industries are the backbone of the economy of this city and its also play a major role in country economy.

Places to Visit in Dzerzhinssk

The city has so many interesting and amazing places which attracts the tourist such as Shuhovskaya Tower, Local Lore Museum and City Drama Theater  are the main tourist attractions present in the city  .

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The view of Dzerzhinsk City in Russia


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