The City of Engels Russia

City of Engels is known for manufacturing public transports in Russia

This is a city in a Saratov Oblast of Russia. The name of city is mentioned after Friedrich Engels. The location of city is across the Saratov city. Since 1965, both cities are connected via a bridge. The population of the city is 202,419 and ranked at 92nd place. This city has an area of about 121 Km sq.

The city is famous for its cultural heritage and astounding beaches. This city is nearly 456 miles away from Moscow.

History of Engels

Ukrainians  founded this city in 1747. The old name of the city was Pokrovsk.  In 1932, in the gratitude of Friedrich Engels it was renamed as Engels. Later on it became the capital of Volga German ASSR.

Climate of Engels

The climate of the city is humid continental. Summers have an average temperature of about 27 oC in the month of June and July. While  an average of-7 oC is recorded in the peak winters of January and February.

Education in Engels

Local Campus of Saratov State Technical University is the main educational institute here.

Economy of Engels

It is  port city on Volga River. Its economy is based on its mechanical engineering industry. The city produces high quality steel parts for automobiles. Famous Engelssky Pipe factory manufactures steel water pipelines. Uritsky factory makes the parts of Russia public transport vehicles.

Places to Visit in Engels

Church of the Resurrection,  Museum of Local Lore, Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin and Lev Kassil's Museum are the famous tourist spots of the city.

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