The City of Kaluga Russia

Kaluga is the 55th largest city in terms of population

It is the administrative hub of the Kaluga Oblast. This city has a population of 324,698 people. This city is present in Southwest side of Moscow. Having the total area of about 170.5 km2.

This city is nearly 110 miles distant from  Moscow city. The city is famous because of its role in the space search activities.

History of Kaluga

It was founded in 1371. City was owned by Prince Vorotynsky in the mid-14th century. They developed this city and constructed railway lines here.

Climate of the city

The city has moderate climatic conditions. Temperature of the city is around -6.6 ◦C in winters. While in summers the temperature rises to around 23 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of the city

The city has many known educational colleges and universities. Kaluga State University and State Pedagogical University are the most prominent higher education institutes here.

Economy of city

The Local industries play an important role in the economy of this city. Many power generating machineries are prepared in the city. Door and window making factories are also present in the city.

Places to Visit in the City

Tsiolkovsky House Museum, Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics and Theater for Young Spectators are the worth visiting places of the city.

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The City of Kaluga

The City of Kaluga


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