The City of Khimki Russia

Visit the city of Khimki to enjoy the famous shopping complexes of Russia

It is a city in Moscow Oblast of Russia. Khimki is situated near northwest of Moscow and the west side of the Moscow canal. The city is ranked at 90th place according to its population of 207,425 people  (2010 census details). The land area of the city is 109.81 km2.

This city is just 12 miles distant from  Moscow city. This area has many residential buildings and highly populated for being close to Moscow.

The city is famous for its wild forest and huge shopping malls complexes.

History of Khimki

The date of foundation of this city is 1939. A railroad was established on the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Railway in 1850. This city was then founded around the suburbs of this railroad.

Climate of Khimki

The climate of city is calm and moderate with frequent rainfall throughout the year. July is the hottest month of the year having average temperature of 18.2 oC. On the other hand, in January -9.4 oC is mostly recorded.

Economy of Khimki

Being geographically close to Moscow, this area is also economically linked with the commercial activities of Russian capital.

Places to Visit in Khimki

Cinema City Pilgrim Porto , Mega Mall , Ezhi Monument, Art Gallery, Planernaya Olympic Sports Complex and Khimki Arena are the most visited places of this city.

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The City of Khimki

The City of Khimki



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