The City of Korolyov Russia

The City of Korolyov is an important Space Research Center of Russia

Korolyov is one of the main industrial city in  Moscow Oblast of Russia. The population of the city is around 183,402. It is 98th largest in Russia by its population.

The distance between the capital city Moscow  is around 29km. Korolyov is the most important space research center of Russia.

History of Korolyov

This city started as a Slavic settlement in the 12th century. Mongol conquests in the 13th century resulted in the decline of the city. The city has been inhabited by Dachas in the 19th century. It was officially named as the city of Kaliningrad in 1938 .

The city was renamed in 1996. after the famous Russian Space scientist  Sergei Korolev.

Climate of Korolyov

The climate of the city is moderate and cold. There are significant rainfalls throughout the rainfalls. Temperature stays at around 20C in summers. And at around at average of -10C in winters.

Education in Korolyov

The city has many educational institutes on space research. Large amount of investment is planned on having more institutions on material sciences as well as space research centers.

Economy of Korolyov

Space research and material science centers are among the main industries of the city.

RKK Energia and  OAO Kompozit are the most important space companies of the city.

Places to Visit in Korolyov

Sergei Korolev Aeronautics Museum, Royal History Museum, Royal City Youth Theater, Nativity Church are Temple of the Holy Martyr Vladamir are the famous tourist spots here.

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Sergei Korolev Monument

Sergei Korolev Monument


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